Medical education

Our medical education projects include, but are not limited to:

Consensus documents

Consensus documents, developed with international key opinion leaders, and published and promoted through our journals

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Case-study series

Case-study series, covering different topics across all therapy areas

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Clinical evaluations

Clinical evaluations, featuring relevant data on innovative techniques and products

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Product focus

Product focus, presenting a product and demonstrating its use in clinical practice

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Supplements, showcasing the theory behind a specific therapy area or product, and including case studies to show how such products are being used

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Evidence reviews

Evidence reviews, compiling the data published throughout the years on a specific product or device

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Guides, introducing new products and/or therapies in a concise, quick to reference, explanatory way for use in clinical practice

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Round-table meeting reports, gathering experienced healthcare professionals and academics to debate about a specific topic, and publishing its results

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Webinars, focusing on specific therapy areas

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Podcasts, addressing gaps in practice and discussing the latest management techniques in this most easy to access audio format

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Masterclasses, highlighting a particular topic and featuring a debate with international key opinion leaders

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